Ok, here is a comparo, the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs the BMW M5.


MSRP * $84,600 - $85,400
Invoice * $78,678 - $79,422
Engine 6.2L V-8 507 HP
Transmission 7-spd SPEEDSHIFT w/OD
Fuel Economy City 14.0 mpg
Fuel Economy Highway 20.0 mpg


5.0-liter V-10 engine producing 500hp, 383 lb-ft. torque (previous M5: 4.9-liter V-8, 394 hp, 368 lb-ft.)

7-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG)

6-speed manual transmission (no-cost option)

Handling, ride & braking

M Variable Differential Lock

Specially modified and calibrated front and rear suspension

Electronic Damping Control, BMW's system of electronically controlled suspension in a new and special BMW M version with three modes

Special steering system, 'quicker' than that of the 5 Series and offering two levels of speed-sensitive power assist

Compound, cross-ventilated disc brakes, BMW's largest-dimensional and most powerful ever

19-inch alloy wheels with Z-rated performance tires in differentiated front/rear sizes

BMW M-calibrated Dynamic Stability Control with selectable M Dynamic Mode

MDrive, a submenu in the iDrive system that allows the driver to 'set up' his or her own preferred performance and handling settings for instant recall

Me Personally, I perfer the E63. Now don't just say that because "Oh he's a Mercedes fanboy, of course he wants the Benz!", I have a good reason.

When I took both for power laps in GT4 (I am broke and license-less, so bear with me on this one)The BMW was the fastest, and the more pleasent to drive. I loved driving the BMW. I loved it so much that I went into sim mode immediately afterwards and bought one and removed the limiter, and it flew! It is just like Jeremy Clarkson put it, it is a wonderful car to drive. The Benz was clumsier in the turns and trailed the Bimmer's lap time by a second or two. But, what makes the Benz triumph over the Bimmer is not peformance. I like the Benz better because it doesn't seem to scream "peformance sedan" as much as the BMW. It still has the classic Benz style and luxury. So you can lay rubber on the track, then look right at home on a night on the town. It lives a dumbe life pretty much. It is a beast when you want it, and a confort cruiser when you just want to cruise. Another thing is the BMW's electronics. There is so much fiddly tec stuff, that it can make you scream. You need to go through three sub menus just to change the station! Whatever happened to presets and a seek button?!? And there is too much fiddly tech stuff that you dont' know what to turn on or off, or anything. The Benz is much more user friendly. And just with design too. The BMW is a beast through and through. It screams "bruiser" from a mile away, while as I said above, the Benz can be tame when you want, and a beast when you need it to. And that is why I perfer the Benz.