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Thread: Birthday thread.

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    Aug 2004

    Birthday thread.

    Fill in your birthday for each day of the year... either me or a mod can update it each time someone adds one.

    Let's hit 365!


    January 1st: ZeTurbo
    January 2nd:
    January 3rd:
    January 4th:
    January 5th:
    January 6th: 85RX7 & suzq044
    January 7th: CHEESE-TACULAR
    January 8th:
    January 9th:
    January 10th: Equinox
    January 11th: GT1Street
    January 12th:
    January 13th: Cotterik
    January 14th:
    January 15th:
    January 16th: Sackalack GT
    January 17th:
    January 18th:
    January 19th:
    January 20th:
    January 21st:
    January 22nd: lfb666 & ExoticCarSite
    January 23rd: jcp123
    January 24th:
    January 25th: asasib
    January 26th: Duell & Egg Nog
    January 27th: derekthetree
    January 28th:
    January 29th:
    January 30th: NuclearCrap & Pinin
    January 31st:

    February 1st:
    February 2nd:
    February 3rd:
    February 4th:
    February 5th: redlightrunner & Preludes Rule
    February 6th:
    February 7th: jorismo
    February 8th:
    February 9th:
    February 10th:
    February 11th:
    February 12th: mavanhaasteren
    February 13th:
    February 14th: matos ke20
    February 15th:
    February 16th: greg.harvey & SupraMan22
    February 17th:
    February 18th: my porsche & scottie300z
    February 19th:
    February 20th:
    February 21st:
    February 22nd: Throne
    February 23rd:
    February 24th:
    February 25th:
    February 26th: digitalcraft & fisetdavid26
    February 27th:
    February 28th:
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    March 1st: Zytek_Fan
    March 2nd:
    March 3rd:
    March 4th:
    March 5th:
    March 6th: CdocZ
    March 7th:
    March 8th:
    March 9th:
    March 10th: john14
    March 11th:
    March 12th: silverhawk
    March 13th: Merrill
    March 14th: sunk
    March 15th: F1_Master
    March 16th: Cyco & quattro_20v
    March 17th:
    March 18th:
    March 19th: Tourbillon
    March 20th:
    March 21st:
    March 22nd:
    March 23rd: man 430gt
    March 24th:
    March 25th:
    March 26th:
    March 27th:
    March 28th: baddabang, DasModell & cmcpokey
    March 29th: Matra et Alpine
    March 30th:
    March 31st: faksta

    April 1st: d-quik
    April 2nd: <AAA-MOD>
    April 3rd: Jack_Bauer
    April 4th: pergarec
    April 5th:
    April 6th:
    April 7th:
    April 8th: car_fiend
    April 9th: ribatejo69
    April 10th:
    April 11th: SPHFerrari
    April 12th: Blue Supra
    April 13th:
    April 14th:
    April 15th: Matt
    April 16th:
    April 17th:
    April 18th:
    April 19th:
    April 20th:
    April 21st:
    April 22nd: RazaBlade & RS6
    April 23rd:
    April 24th:
    April 25th:
    April 26th: deffenbaugh03
    April 27th:
    April 28th: :Exige:
    April 29th: Pinto_PT
    April 30th:
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    Aug 2004
    May 1st:
    May 2nd: mikelzapi3
    May 3rd: LotusLocost
    May 4th: IWantAnAudiRS6
    May 5th: Waugh-terfall
    May 6th:
    May 7th:
    May 8th:
    May 9th:
    May 10th:
    May 11th:
    May 12th:
    May 13th: Mustang
    May 14th: Ferrer
    May 15th:
    May 16th: bmwpower
    May 17th:
    May 18th: johnnynumfiv
    May 19th: Sledgehammer
    May 20th: adamfraser
    May 21st:
    May 22nd:
    May 23rd:
    May 24th:
    May 25th:
    May 26th:
    May 27th:
    May 28th:
    May 29th:
    May 30th:
    May 31st: fpv_gtho, 6speed, stealth & RISE AGAINST

    June 1st:
    June 2nd:
    June 3rd:
    June 4th: Prius
    June 5th:
    June 6th: stratos
    June 7th: SlickHolden
    June 8th:
    June 9th:
    June 10th:
    June 11th:
    June 12th: Esperante
    June 13th:
    June 14th: Piacki_117
    June 15th: taz_rocks_miami
    June 16th:
    June 17th:
    June 18th:
    June 19th:
    June 20th:
    June 21st:
    June 22nd:
    June 23rd: NSXType-R
    June 24th: Vaigra
    June 25th:
    June 26th:
    June 27th:
    June 28th:
    June 29th:
    June 30th:
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    July 1st: cerbman
    July 2nd:
    July 3rd:
    July 4th:
    July 5th:
    July 6th:
    July 7th:
    July 8th:
    July 9th: IBrakeRainbows
    July 10th: ADRENALINE
    July 11th:
    July 12th:
    July 13th:
    July 14th:
    July 15th:
    July 16th:
    July 17th:
    July 18th: spi-ti-tout
    July 19th:
    July 20th:
    July 21st:
    July 22nd: dul
    July 23rd: Jakg
    July 24th:
    July 25th:
    July 26th:
    July 27th: 2ndclasscitizen
    July 28th:
    July 29th:
    July 30th:
    July 31st:

    August 1st:
    August 2nd:
    August 3rd:
    August 4th:
    August 5th:
    August 6th:
    August 7th:
    August 8th:
    August 9th:
    August 10th:
    August 11th:
    August 12th: Dantera22B
    August 13th: Ferg
    August 14th:
    August 15th: sleekeywoowoo
    August 16th:
    August 17th:
    August 18th:
    August 19th:
    August 20th:
    August 21st:
    August 22nd:
    August 23rd:
    August 24th: nopassn
    August 25th:
    August 26th:
    August 27th:
    August 28th: Fleet 500
    August 29th: 6'bore
    August 30th:
    August 31st:
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    September 1st:
    September 2nd:
    September 3rd:
    September 4th:
    September 5th:
    September 6th: kingofthering
    September 7th: Sophie
    September 8th:
    September 9th: clutch_monkey & aNOBLEman
    September 10th: The_Canuck & TVR IS KING
    September 11th:
    September 12th: Spastik_Roach
    September 13th:
    September 14th:
    September 15th:
    September 16th: Clivey
    September 17th: Rockefella
    September 18th:
    September 19th: twinspark
    September 20th:
    September 21st: Sweeney921
    September 22nd:
    September 23rd:
    September 24th: Ingolstadt
    September 25th:
    September 26th:
    September 27th:
    September 28th:
    September 29th:
    September 30th:

    October 1st: Niko_Fx
    October 2nd: Revo
    October 3rd:
    October 4th: andy.muc
    October 5th:
    October 6th: drakkie & Quiggs
    October 7th:
    October 8th:
    October 9th:
    October 10th:
    October 11th:
    October 12th:
    October 13th:
    October 14th:
    October 15th:
    October 16th: Suka
    October 17th:
    October 18th: ScionDriver
    October 19th:
    October 20th:
    October 21st:
    October 22nd:
    October 23rd:
    October 24th:
    October 25th:
    October 26th:
    October 27th: Mr. Tiv
    October 28th:
    October 29th:
    October 30th:
    October 31st: Sauc3, jediali & Birdman
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    November 1st: Wouter Melissen
    November 2nd:
    November 3rd:
    November 4th:
    November 5th: syko
    November 6th:
    November 7th:
    November 8th:
    November 9th:
    November 10th: Falcon500
    November 11th:
    November 12th:
    November 13th:
    November 14th:
    November 15th:
    November 16th:
    November 17th:
    November 18th:
    November 19th:
    November 20th:
    November 21st: 092326001
    November 22nd:
    November 23rd:
    November 24th:
    November 25th:
    November 26th: Timothy (in VA)
    November 27th:
    November 28th:
    November 29th: charged
    November 30th: dydzi

    December 1st:
    December 2nd: McReis
    December 3rd:
    December 4th: Birdman002
    December 5th:
    December 6th:
    December 7th:
    December 8th:
    December 9th:
    December 10th:
    December 11th:
    December 12th:
    December 13th:
    December 14th:
    December 15th:
    December 16th:
    December 17th: zeppelin, Vindesh17 & Luxurioux
    December 18th:
    December 19th: 70cuda88
    December 20th:
    December 21st: Pando
    December 22nd: henk4
    December 23rd:
    December 24th:
    December 25th:
    December 26th:
    December 27th: RobPorsche
    December 28th:
    December 29th: LisaS
    December 30th: whiteballz
    December 31st

    Anyone who gives me something stupid like September 31st or February 29th will be ignored!

    Last but not least, delete your post with your birthday as soon as you are added- not before!
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    Gran Canaria, Spain
    And now we play the waiting game.
    - Are YOU listed? -

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    I'll play O's and X's with you if you like.
    Audi humbles Porsche. A new dawn starts today.

    Being nice since 2007.

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    Gran Canaria, Spain
    Ok, I begin.

    - Are YOU listed? -

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    Sam, you're a genius. Great idea. My birthday is already listed so, you're a genius even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pando View Post
    Ok, I begin.

    Audi humbles Porsche. A new dawn starts today.

    Being nice since 2007.

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    Gran Canaria, Spain
    You sure took your time.
    - Are YOU listed? -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pando View Post
    You sure took your time.

    I'm heading to bed now but we'll pick this up tomorrow
    Audi humbles Porsche. A new dawn starts today.

    Being nice since 2007.

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    Gran Canaria, Spain

    Good night then!
    - Are YOU listed? -

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    New Zeeland
    My birthday.. Dec 17. The same as zeppelin & Vindesh17.
    My motto: Quality over quantity.

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