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Thread: red rear turn signals

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakkie View Post
    Isn't that something to still shine forward for the oncomers, when the lights are of the Citroen-type ?

    That atleast is the most logical explanation I can imagine...

    The orange light is on the side... It doesn't really shine forward. What do you mean by CitroŽn-type lights ?

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    I am somewhat bothered by turn signal lights that are the same as the brake lights, but not enough to not drive a vehicle that has them that way. I think all of my vehicles, in fact, have had them this way. Red? Amber? Doesn't matter a lick to me, as long as it works.

    Clear corners bother me more - people spend money on them and I can't figure out why. Cosmetically it doesn't bother me, but doesn't add anything to the looks either, so it can't be for that reason...can it (I suppose somebody could find that it looks better)? Does it make them more visible...? I don't know.

    Anyway, why am I bothered in the first place? Nobody seems to use turn signals anyway. And that would be the most annoying signal of them all - the unused one.
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