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Thread: 'Raited's Silvia

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    'Raited's Silvia

    Hi there.. =)

    This is my latest chop and my 2nd toon.

    I've been workin many hours with it and i'm very happy with the result.

    I found the base bicture in the game : DragRacer v3.

    i dunno if anyone has played it b4 but i played it alot many years ago. and i remembered the car and i wanted to do something with it..

    so here we go:

    original :



    C&C plz.. There will come an update if theres something to fix

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    I love it! Great work 'Raited!

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    NO to bad dude. Love the wheels
    Self confessed boost junkie:)
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    Nice. Love how you kept it very clean.
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