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Thread: Porsche 996 911 (Carrera and Turbo) 1998-2004

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    Porsche 996 911 (Carrera and Turbo) 1998-2004

    One thread for the :
    • Porsche 996 911 Carrera, Coupé/Cabriolet
    • Porsche 996 911 Carrera 4, Coupé/Cabriolet
    • Porsche 996 911 Carrera 4S, Coupé/Cabriolet
    • Porsche 996 911 Turbo, Coupé/Cabriolet
    • Porsche 996 911 Turbo S, Coupé/Cabriolet

    The Porsche 996 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 model manufactured and sold between 1998 and 2005. It was replaced by the Type 997. Both body styles were produced by Porsche in 2005, based upon model type.

    At its debut, the 996 featured the most significant changes to the Carrera model since its 1963 introduction; the most significant change with this new iteration is the water-cooled engine replacing the previously air-cooled engine. Progressively stringent noise regulations, environmental concerns, a higher expectation for refinement and a high-performance 4 valve per cylinder engine made the switch necessary. The 996 Carrera (non GT and Turbo models) engine is designed with what Porsche calls the "integrated dry sump oiling". This "integrated dry sump" engine does not have an oil scavenge pump in the crankcase to pump the engine oil to a separate holding tank outside the crankcase as a true dry sump design would have. The only scavenge pumps in the 996 engine are in the camshaft boxes and the oil is pumped from there to the bottom of the crankcase as it would be in any "wet sump" engine. Other changes include a sleeker body with a more steeply raked windshield and a re-designed interior.
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