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Thread: Fiat Seicento (187) 1998-2010

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    Fiat Seicento (187) 1998-2010

    To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Fiat 600, Fiat has decided to update the current Seicento with a number of styling changes and to rationalise the range. The new car features some stylistic elements of one of the most emblematic Italian products of all time, starting with the name, which reverts to the historical version written in figures, and is repeated in a chromed logo on the rear of the car. The new range also includes a special limited edition known as the Fiat 600 ‘50th’ which is a tribute to the legendary 600, the forefather of an entire class of cars.
    In addition to these obvious historical references, the new Fiat 600 confirms the winning features that have enabled the Fiat Seicento to reach an output of over 1,100,000 units since 1998: good performance, excellent handling and very low running costs. Plus an excellent quality/price ratio and a high residual value on the second-hand market. A market success, which shows that the model has earned itself a significant position in its highly competitive market bracket.
    Today, to reinforce and improve this position in relation to its many competitors, the ‘super-mini’ receives a facelift that underlines its role as an advantageous alternative in the lower part of the segment. In fact, the new model is the most advanced alternative around for the motorist who wants a small car that is well endowed; compact but boasting the comfort we have grown accustomed to on larger cars; designed to be sparing on fuel, but to behave with a sparkle in all situations. The 600 is the smallest four-seater on the market and it is perfect in town traffic, but it is also capable of tackling longer journeys, ensuring that occupants arrive refreshed and relaxed. This ability to respond to different and even contrasting needs, makes the new Fiat model a benchmark in the super-mini market.
    This remains Fiat’s mission: to produce cars that are beautiful to look at, practical and accessible to everyone. Cars that embody creative, intelligent solutions, and guarantee a better quality of everyday life. But now, Fiat combines this recognised characteristic with a new conception of the car, which focuses not so much on its usefulness as on its symbolic expression; starting from the idea that if it is treated with stylistic taste and chromatic variety, even an industrial object can produce an absolutely unique, unrepeatable sensory experience. Enter the new Fiat 600, the best demonstration of how two cars, so distant in time, can be the fruit of the same technical and structural creativity, which has always guided stylists and designers in their everyday work.
    The new Fiat 600 will be on the market in Italy at the end of June, and on the other European markets soon after.


    The new 600 is a young, dynamic reworking of the stylistic features and characteristic elements of the model that was such a success in the 1960s, starting with the round Fiat logo set between two chrome ‘whiskers’. Another obvious historical reference is the number ‘600’ positioned on the rear tailgate – which opens conveniently from inside the car. The design is original, reflecting the new demand from consumers for objects with a retro look re-interpreted in a modern key: a mixture of the past and the future, stylistic and constructive research that distances itself from mass-produced objects to create a unique product.
    The choices made for the passenger compartment make it extremely luminous, a perfect blend of retro effects and modern technology; starting from the second specification level, the car is available with two-tone grey-ivory fabric upholstery, with FIAT written in relief on the seat squabs and ivory inserts on the air vents and climate system controls.
    These features, and the desire to reinterpret the sensations of the past in a modern key, are stated even more clearly on the ‘50th’ limited series. For example, there is a choice of three non-metallic soft tones, that recall colours fashionable in the Sixties (‘Soap and water’ Ivory, ‘Head among the clouds’ Blue, and ‘Free spirit’ Green); wheel trims and mirrors painted ivory, and an explicit reference to the 50th anniversary of the 600 on the chromed side moulding. This version also has a distinctive longitudinal stripe that crosses the bonnet and the roof, a stylistic trait that elegantly and soberly recalls the racing 600 of the past.
    Focusing attention on the stylistic effect and practicality, on painstakingly designed details and finishing elements; these are the criteria that inspired the designers when they recreated the passenger compartment of the new Fiat 600, and they clearly achieved excellent parameters where ergonomics, acoustics and climate are concerned.


    Although its appearance suggests the size and solidity of a higher segment, the new Fiat 600 is just 334 cm long and 151 cm wide, one of the most compact cars built in Europe. Its diminutive exterior dimensions are a precious asset for a car that is certainly intended as a ‘city car’. But the small Fiat offers plenty more. It embodies all the dynamic features and comfort that allow you to tackle even long, demanding itineraries in comfort: easy handling, a generous interior space, functional features, a rational, ergonomic layout of the controls and furnishings, acoustic comfort and an efficient climate system. And of course the car is fitted with the most sophisticated devices and technical solutions for the safety of the driver and passengers.
    Where preventive safety is concerned, for example, the new model adopts technical solutions that help the driver to concentrate, and make driving more relaxing; from the ergonomic seats to the legible instruments, the excellent outside visibility and the efficient climate system. And the new Fiat 600 reconciles small exterior measurements with generous roominess, even for tall people. The result is an amazingly large small car: the interior volume is 2.63 m3, in line with several cars from higher segments. And this result has not been achieved by forgoing luggage capacity, which is a good 170 litres.
    A comfortable, relaxing, quiet car. Lack of noise is particularly important, because it improves the quality of life on board and helps the driver to concentrate, which enhances safety. The new model adopts a whole series of measures designed to effectively reduce and dampen any type of noise transmitted to the passenger compartment. Great attention went into the sealing and damping of the metal panelling and to the choice of soundproofing material, to keep the noise from the engine bay and tyres to a minimum. The engine suspension blocks are positioned in an area of the longitudinals where dynamic rigidity is particularly high, and the overall result is class-beating interior quietness.
    Where active safety is concerned, the new model has excellent acceleration, roadholding and safe braking. The braking system has diagonally split circuits, disc brakes 240 mm in diameter at the front, floating callipers on the front brakes with limited play, drum brakes 185 mm in diameter at the rear, a 7” brake servo and a 3/8” pump. The power pack guarantees smooth braking and suitably prompt responses, and dual brake effort limiters split the braking effort correctly between the front and rear axles in all load conditions, whether the driver is alone in the car, or with a full load. And finally, the new Fiat 600’s excellent braking system also incorporates ABS anti-lock braking.
    The suspension guarantees both outstanding comfort and excellent roadholding, which enhances safety. To achieve these goals, Fiat chose the traditional independent wheel configuration that is a regular feature on its models, and typical of upmarket cars. The front suspension is MacPherson type, while the rear suspension layout adopts trailing arms with independent wheels. And the steering of the new Fiat 600 was designed to demand less effort from the driver while ensuring excellent handling for parking and low speed manoeuvres, combined with pinpoint steering and safety at high speeds. Complete lock takes just 3.9 turns of the wheel, and the car can perform a U-turn in 8.8 metres. The new model is quite at home in any type of traffic, and slips into even the smallest parking spaces.
    Still in the field of passive safety, the new Fiat 600 respects the safety standards envisaged today, and performs well in even the most stringent tests. The bodyshell is extremely resistant in any collision. The skeleton of the passenger compartment has been reinforced to create a survival cell, and impact beams have been inserted in the doors to protect from lateral impact. The front and rear structures with their differentiated rigidity absorb the energy from any impact better. The bonnet collapses to prevent it from hitting the windscreen. In an accident, occupants are also protected by airbags for the driver and front passenger (the latter is optional), seat-belt pretensioners, antisubmarining front and rear seats, an energy-absorbing steering wheel and collapsible steering column. And to prevent the risk of fire, the new model features the Fire Prevention System (FPS).


    The new Fiat 600 is even safer, better looking, and more comfortable. A small car that is perfect in town traffic, but also capable of longer journeys in which occupants all travel comfortably. These features are highlighted by the Fire 1.1 MPI engine, which was studied to optimise torque delivery at low speeds and to highlight enjoyment (elasticity), without forgetting the need to limit consumption. The decision to purchase a compact car is often triggered by a calculation of overall low running costs.
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    The new Fiat 600 will not disappoint expectations: it is powered by an engine that offers brilliant performance, but is extremely sparing on fuel, a valid solution for both town and out-of-town use. This ‘straight-4’ engine is part of the Fire family, and delivers 54 bhp (40 kW) at 5000 rpm, and peak torque of 88 Nm (9 kgm) at 2750 rpm. Fuel consumption is extremely low: for example, in the combined cycle, the model consumes 6 l/100 km (4.7 l/100 km out of town and 8.3 l/100 km in the urban cycle). To exploit the performance of its 1108 cc engine in full, the new Fiat super-mini adopts a tried and tested, reliable gearbox with improved synchronisers and lubrication.

    THE 2005 RANGE

    The customer of the new Fiat 600 can choose between two specification levels, both of which are good value for money, as well as the exclusive special series for those who wish to relive the atmosphere of the 1960s with a car that was particularly representative of that period.
    The first specification (Fiat 600) replaces the previous Actual outfit, becoming the threshold version of the range, one of the most economical cars on the market, with a striking level of standard equipment: pretensioners on the front seat-belts, rear window wash/wipe, driver’s airbag, ABS, central locking, folding rear seat, Fire Prevention System, and a sun visor with vanity mirror (passenger side). Options on offer include electric power steering and a manual climate system. And the rear tailgate sports the historical 600 logo.
    The second outfit, known as the 600 Active, celebrates the 600’s anniversary with a number of stylistic details that recall the small car of the 1960s. Two-tone interior furnishings and ivory coloured trims are standard, together with electric windows, deadlocks and steering, and painted bumpers and wing mirrors.
    The 600 50th special series adds a few stylistic details that highlight the car’s stylistic personality, like the 50th logo on the chrome-effect side strips, and refer explicitly to the prestigious anniversary. The Fiat 600 50th is a clear sign of Fiat’s determination to emphasise its Italian origins, and the design and stylistic concepts that are typical of Italy. This is why the Fiat brand is reiterating the values that are a part of its heritage, re-interpreting them in a modern key on a car that is also richly endowed and extremely comfortable: for example, a manual climate system, 2 airbags and a radio-CD player are standard equipment.
    The new Fiat 600 is a concrete, precise response to the public’s demands. But that is not all. Aware of the fact that the customer wants to be able to choose, the model also offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in Europe in this category. Suffice it to say that it is possible to add a personal touch to the car from a long list of options and the articles in the Lineaccessori range.
    So the new Fiat 600 is not just a new car, but a new approach to the car for a wide range of different lifestyles. It is a specific car, designed for specific targets and capable of proposing different versions for different uses. It does not aim to be a niche model, but a niche product for every lifestyle of its potential customers. To conclude, it is a car that reconciles opposites, going beyond the constraints of income, age, mileage and place of use.


    600 600 ACTIVE 600 50TH

    ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) o o o
    Manual climate system • • o
    Electric front windows • o o
    Radio fitment (2 speakers) • • o
    Foglights • • •
    Electric power steering • o o
    Rear head-restraints • • •
    Split rear seat • • -
    Metallic paint • • -
    Electric deadlocks • o o
    Radio with removable front • • •
    Leather steering wheel and gear lever knob • • •
    Alloy wheels + 165/65 R13 T tyres • • •
    Painting bumpers - o o
    Driver’s airbag o o o
    Passenger airbag • • o
    Radio with CD player (2 speakers) • o
    Hi-fi audio system • • •
    Special non-metallic paint • • -
    Euro4 emissions o o o
    Regular size spare wheel • • •

    Comfort Pack (heat-resistant windows,
    front grab handle, lighter, ashtray, 4-speed
    heater with recirculation function, painted grey
    integral wheel trims) o o o

    Ivory coloured climate system and air vent trims,
    body-coloured door handles and wing mirrors, two-tone
    grey-ivory seats with Fiat wording in relief - o o

    o = standard • = optional _ = not available


    No. of cylinders, layout 4, in line, front transversal
    Bore x stroke (mm) 70 x 72
    Capacity (cc) 1108
    Emissions level Euro 4
    Emissions control three-way catalytic converter, 2 Lambda probes, EOBD
    Compression ratio 9.6 : 1
    Max. power output kW (bhp-EC) at rpm 40 (54) 5000
    Peak torque Nm (kgm-EC) at rpm 88 (9.0) 2750
    Fuel feed MPI electronic
    Ignition electronic with static advance combined with ignition
    Timing (control) 1 OHC with mechanical tappets

    Battery: capacity 12V (Ah) 40

    Drive front wheel drive
    Gearbox Manual, 5 forward + reverse

    WHEELS 155/65 R 13 T

    Steering box Rack and pinion (electrical power steering optional)
    Turning circle between kerbs (m) 8.8

    Front Independent, MacPherson type, with lower wishbones and coil springs
    Rear Independent, with trailing arms anchored to an auxiliary subframe anchored to the bodyshell

    Length / Width (mm) 3337/1508
    Height, unladen (mm) 1420
    VDA luggage capacity (dm3) 170 - 810
    BRAKES – D (disc) – T (drum)
    Front: Ø mm D 240
    Rear: Ø mm T 185

    DIN kerb weight (kg) 735 (750 with climate system)
    Fuel tank (litres) 38

    Top speed (km/h) 150
    Acceleration (s) 0-100 km/h 14.5

    EC directive 1999/100urban cycle 8.3
    extra-urban cycle 4.7
    combined cycle 6.0

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