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Thread: Chrysler Newport Phaeton 1940-1941

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    Chrysler Newport Phaeton 1940-1941

    The Newport was a name used by Chrysler for both a hardtop body designation and also for its lowest priced model between 1961 and 1981. Chrysler first used the Newport name on a 1940 show car, of which five vehicles were produced.

    Chrysler Newport history:
    Chrysler Newport Phaeton 1940-1941
    Chrysler Newport (1st gen) 1960-1964
    Chrysler Newport (2nd gen) 1964-1968
    Chrysler Newport (3rd gen) 1968-1973
    Chrysler Newport (4th gen) 1973-1978
    Chrysler Newport (5th gen) 1978-1981

    The first Newport, known as the Chrysler Newport Phaeton, was produced during 1940 and 1941. It was a dual-cowl phaeton that used the "Chrysler Spitfire" 143 hp (107 kW; 145 PS) L-head straight-8 engine with dual carburetors coupled to a three-speed manual transmission. The Newport was based upon the Chrysler New Yorker, and was designed by LeBaron / Briggs Manufacturing Company designer Ralph Roberts. Only six were built.Actress Lana Turner owned a Newport Phaeton, as did Chrysler founder Walter Chrysler, who used it as a personal car. Five are known to exist today. The Newport Phaeton served as the pace car for the 1941 Indianapolis 500 race. This pace car, chassis number C7807503, was the only one that did not have hide-away headlights and became the personal property of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. after the race.

    source: wikipedia
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    any more info?
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    I have a picture of the red one there, only from above, because thats from the Diamler-Crysler museum in Detroit, Michigan. Very pretty car.

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    Chrysler Newport Phaeton (1st gen) #2

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