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Thread: Suzuki Samurai (SJ30/SJ40/JA12/JA22/JB32) 1981-1998

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    Suzuki Samurai (SJ30/SJ40/JA12/JA22/JB32) 1981-1998

    Suzuki Samurai
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    My friend used to have one, the back window of the soft top cracked when it was like 10 below out, the exhaust had a hole in it so it leaked fumes into the backseat and then you add in the rollover factor, that thing was a death trap.

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    a friend of mine has three of these and I'm looking into buying one soon for off road purpose

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    The Suzuki SJ30 began production in May 1981 in Hamamatsu, Japan. In Japan, it was sold as the Suzuki Jimny and was a kei car, produced with both 550 cc and 660 cc 3-cylinder engines. The SJ-Series received a bigger engine and was lengthened and widened for export purposes, where it was sold with a multitude of names: Suzuki SJ410/413, Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Sierra, Suzuki Potohar (Pakistan), Suzuki Caribian (Thailand), Suzuki Katana (Indonesia), Chevrolet Samurai, Holden Drover (Australia) and Maruti Gypsy (India).

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