Congrats to Waugh-terfall for winning Comp 126

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• The deadline is Saturday
• The proposed picture must be your own and not found on the net.
• The photograph must be taken no earlier then 3 months before start date
• Only one photograph per person and weekly contest allowed; you may not change your photograph once it has been entered. Only cars photographs may be entered in the automotive competition. Bikes, boats and trucks are to be entered in the general photo competition.
• The photograph must be the original upload and not edited in any way other than mild adjustments in contrast and saturation, cropping and black & white conversions
• The photograph must be attatched using the UCP system.
• Your image must be a resolution of 800x600 or lower. If it is not, your picture will not be in the voting thread.
• Each photographer cannot vote for himself, they must vote for the others.
• Any users who enter and vote for themselves automatically recieve a 2 week penalty from the competition and all votes previously given to his/her photo are removed.
• The entry must contain the following information in the same order:

User name
Name of car
Where taken (or event)
Date taken
Camera type & name
Standings 2007:
Black 300ZX: 8
Sauc3: 2 / Dydzi: 2 / Pinin: 2 / Wouter Melissen: 2 / Rasmus: 2 / SPHFerrari: 2
cmcpokey: 1 / McReis: 1 / <AAA-MOD> : 1 / Laxplayer98: 1 / Piacki117: 1 / Fumacher: 1 / João Guimarães: 1 / F1_Master: 1 / henk4: 1 / Waugh-terfall: 1