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Thread: Lamborghini Cala

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    Lamborghini Cala

    EDITED BY MODS: This article was taken from, who get full credit for both the writing and the pictures.

    A collaboration between Italdesign and Lamborghini resulted in this marvelous design concept which was produced for the 1995 Geneva Auto Show. At the time, Automobili Lamborghini had been considering producing a 'medium' supercar that could rival the Ferrari 355. To take advantage of this market, Lamborghini had developed the P140 project. Unfortunately, the P140 was cancelled due to financial restraints, and large opportunity in this market segment was lost. So the car was never made
    Unfortunately, the Cala concept was completely sidelined when Lamborghini was sold to Audi. However, the concept of producing a V10-powered 'baby Lambo' was not lost and, in 2003, the production Gallardo was launched. Gallardo was also an Italdesign project, with Giorgetto's son, Fabrizio Giugaro, taking credit for the design.

    Position : Mid Longitudinal Drive Wheels RWD
    Configuration : Lamborghini 90 Degree V10 Curb Weight 1290 kg / 2844 lbs
    Valvetrain : 4 Valves per Cyl Length 4390 mm / 172.8 in
    Displacement : 3900 cc / 238.0 cu in Width 48260 mm / 1900 in
    Power : 298.3 kw / 400.0 bhp @ 7200 rpm Height 1222 mm / 48.1 in
    Torque : 315.0 nm / 232.3 ft lbs @ 4500 rpm Wheelbase 2520 mm / 99.2 in
    Front Track 1592 mm / 62.7 in
    Rear Track 1582 mm / 62.3 in
    Redline 7500 rpm
    HP / Liter 102.56 bhp per litre Body / Frame Carbon Fiber over Bonded Aluminum Chassis
    HP / Curb Weight 310.08 bhp per weight Front Brakes Ventilated Discs
    Gear Type 6-Speed Manual

    Top Speed 290 kph / 180.2 mph
    0 - 60 mph 5.0 seconds
    0 - 100 mph 10.9 seconds
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    WHy do u have a Gallardo in there? Accident? The last pic is of a Gallardo.

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    i love the cala's roof line... so cala gets my vote, even though the gallardo is a great looker too!
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    I think he may have done it to show the similarities between the two of them.
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    yes i did, and to show people the gallardo in order to make a decision in the poll

    case closed

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    Cala, by a longshot. I've been in love with this car for years. It's a shame Lambo didn't decide to produce it after the VAG takeover. It would've made for an instant classic.

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    Mmmm, mechanically,(if it had gone into production instead of the Gallardo) I suppose it would be equal to the Gallardo.

    So seeing as how it looks much nicer....
    More sexy curves, means traditional 'beauty', which is more likely to look good in the future than the "modern" styling of the Gallardo.

    Just look at how much more "beautiful" the curvy cars of the '50s and '60s are when compared to the boxy nightmare of the late '70s and '80s.
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    Cala all the way. Even if it was a 2005 model rather than a 1995, it would look modern and exotic. Those scoops on the rear fenders are rather unique and give the Cala a figher jet look.
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    Damn, i hate the rear light on the Cala, good thing the Galarado was changed, and its top speed is up by 10Km/h on the cala aswell.
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    I'd have to say the Gallardo.

    The Cala seems so organic in it's shape, it looks like it grew in my garden! it seems too soft for a Supercar, even if the design was from 1995, when curves ruled.

    The Gallardo, not only for it's angles, seems more complete, everything fits better, for example the rear guard vents, the Cala's stick up and look like add-ons, while the Gallardoes are integrated and better for it.

    This is my humble opinion, but i've always had a thing for angles, over organics.......

    Also NFS, the Gallardo is a completely different Tangent in style, chassis and engine to the Cala, the Cala was basically a rebodied P140 concept from 1988, while the Gallardo may have the same project number, 140, they share little more than an idea.
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    Cala is one of the best looking cars ever! Anybody ever play Need for Speed 2 for playstation??? The Cala in this game along with a bunch of other cool cars. Too bad the graphics suck compared to todays games.

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    Does Cala mean "Look"?
    This guy is so lazy that only one eye was left...

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    even if the design was from 1995, when curves ruled.
    Obviously the Ford Taurus designers thought that.

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