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Thread: Frankfurt Motorshow report and slideshow

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    9,634 Frankfurt Motorshow report and slideshow

    Dear visitor,

    All eyes in the automotive industry are on Frankfurt, where tomorrow the Internationale Automobil Austellung (IAA) will be officially open to the public. The past two days have been used to show the collected media and industry analysts the latest production and concept cars and also a look into an environmentally friendlier future. Dozens of world debuts range from the low-emission concept cars to the outrageous 1 million Lamborghini Reventon. As a reflection of our times the manufacturers are attempting to both cut fuel consumption and emissions, but still break performance barriers. The most important production car launched in Frankfurt was no doubt the Jaguar XF. Its success could be vital for the ailing company's future. Other highlights included the Mercedes Benz F700 Concept, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the Mini Clubman.
    Our photographers explored the vast grounds of the Frankfurt Messe and have returned with a hard drive full of shots and a head full of thoughts. In the last few hours, a selection has been made and found its way into this exclusive 230-shot slideshow and a brief report.
    As usual, all of the major Frankfurt releases will be further analysed in closer detail in future updates.

    Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) report and slideshow ...

    Wouter Melissen
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    Congrats! Great slideshow.

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    Great slideshow and report!

    Abarth and Lancia girls = ze winnerz!

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    Excellent, excellent pictures.
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    I thought about looking at the slideshow but after one pictures i came to my senses. So i just downloaded all the photo's.

    Thank you Wouter

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