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Thread: C111-III Diesel World Records at Nardo Italy 1978

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    C111-III Diesel World Records at Nardo Italy 1978

    C111-III Diesel World Records at Nardo Italy 1978

    All below material copyright DaimlerChrysler - compilation plus further preparation of the photos for the web by MBSPY

    1978 Mercedes-Benz C111-III in pursuit of diesel world records in Nardo
    Two years after the first record-breaking runs of the C 111, Daimler-Benz set out once again in 1978 to demonstrate even more impressively the power potential of the diesel engine on the lightly banked 12.6-kilometer circuit at Nardo, Italy on April 29/30. The C 111-III, which had been optimized not only in aerodynamic terms, with a sensational drag coefficient of 0.195, was fitted out with a three-liter five-cylinder diesel engine developing 230 hp with exhaust turbocharger and intercooler. Nevertheless, it consumed an average of only 16 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. In the course of the 12-hour record-breaking run, six world best performances were clocked up over distances from 100 kilometers to 1000 miles, with a further three best performances over 1, 6 and 12 hours. Over the entire 500-km distance, an absolute top speed of 321.860 km/h was measured for this record-breaking car, designed for speeds of up to 325km/h.

    Some technical data:
    Manufactured in 1978, 5-cylinder inline OM 617 A, placed before rear axle, longitudinally, standing, four-stroke diesel with pre-chamber injection, mechanically operated Bosch injection pump, turbocharger and intercooler, bore x stroke 90,9 x 92,4 mm, 2999ccm = ca. 183,2 cu in, compression 1:17,5, maximum power output 230 PS (NOT 320 PS!) = 169 kw at 4.200-4.600 revs, maximum torque 403 Nm at 3.700 revs, engine block made from grey cast iron, cylinder head made out of light alloy, detachable, 2 valves per cylinder, one overhead camshaft, driven by duplex-chain, firing order 1-2-4-5-3, one glowplug per cylinder, electrical Bosch starter, vented disc brakes front and rear, rear-wheel drive, double plate dry clutch, ZF 5-speed manual transmission with integrated axle drive, central floor shift, recirculating ball steering, length 5380 mm, width 1715 mm, height 1045 mm, car weight 1400 kg, engine weight 244 kg, one seat place, fuel tank 140 litres, top speed 325 km/h = 202 mph, ((other sources report a top speed of 327,3 kmh = 203,4 mph)), drag coefficient 0,183, another DC source says 0,195, diesel consumption was ca. 16 litres/100km = ca. 17.6 mpg UK = ca. 14.7 mpg US
    Drivers were Rico Steinemann, Paul Frere, Moch and Dr. Hans Liebold.

    Records achieved at the 12-hour record drive in 1978 were:

    100 km 316,484 km/h
    100 miles 319,835 km/h
    500 km 321,860 km/h
    500 miles 320,788 km/h
    1000 km 318,308 km/h
    1000 miles 319,091 km/h
    1 hour 321,843 km/h
    6 hours 317,796 km/h
    12 hours 314,463 km/h

    All data source by DaimlerChrysler - compiled and translated by MBSPY
    MBSPY adds:
    The design was created by Bruno Sacco who as Director of design for Daimler-Benz AG..

    An interesting graphics MBSPY found at the Swedish Volvo site:
    (URL as of April 18th 2003
    The original construction length of the car was 4784 mm, the added length to 5380 mm was a rear elongation to achieve an optimum drag coefficient.
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    Thanks LFB for bringing this up, because it allows a good insight to what extent diesel propulsion has progressed. Just check the technical specifications. This car was still fitted with an indirect injected engine and got only 230 BHP out of three litre. If you go to the thread on the Opel Vectra OPC you'll see that they are now able to get almost the same horsepower out of two litres, and still produce a car that is totally civilised in normal every day traffic (and very frugal at that too).
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    What about old C111s?
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    Damm whath a strange car !!!
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