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Thread: Complete* Pozzi Ferrari 599GTB

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    Nice car. Do you have more pics?

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    Looks real good, like always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dydzi View Post
    i'm not sure if you're aware of the fact it's a copy of legendary 365 gtb/4 daytona competizione exhaust

    Please accept my apology, I didn't catch that detail

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    That is stunning !
    Ever thought of joining BBR ?? lol
    Please, please make me a Bug Atlantic in 1:18 !!
    Been begging the manufacturers for yonks !
    While on that subject, if you're into BBR diecast "Big Reds"
    visit Welcome to The Model Spot - Diecast Models Cars - Autoart - Exoto - F1 Clothing - A1 Clothing
    These dudes do some great specials on Ferrari and other.
    Big on AutoArt, Exoto, CMC & GMP.

    Also runs great monthly competitions.
    I won a GMP Ford Restomod worth ZAR 1285 there !!
    Happiness is !!
    "Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive"
    Ettore Bugatti

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