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Thread: The Greatest Partial Weekend possibly Ever, Pt 3.

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    ^ ever seen the movie "the descent"? yeah...
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    What - your sleeping with my Husband

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteballz View Post
    lol. Ok slick, thanks for the warning!

    KFA-R - your almost on the way down to melbourne too

    I think melbourne is the next "major" meetup, however I am planning to go to the summernats in canberra for some tyre smoking hilarity and nice V8's.

    And generally when I go to canberra I meet up with IB4R and bluie. however if the summernats can be made into a larger meetup I have no issues.

    I would love to go through the entire event, not just the burnouts.
    this is true! good thing too.... the meteor aint getting any younger and the panel van still has some issues...

    might be making the effort to get to the summernats this year also... will be leaving from Orange then but yeah... as i said before keep it all on here and yeah so on and so forth

    also... I cant see anything wrong with getting a headache from injesting too meny rudder fumes lol
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