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Thread: Maserati Racing Cars History

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    Sorry, No. The guy in the blue racing suit is my son Adam, who now owns the car.
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    Great cars thank´s a lot

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    Had the occasion, a few times, to get behind the wheel of a 250F...and 'ave a go of it, what? Now the cornering & shifting may not be "spot on", but(t) one needs realize that I have only one usable leg. It gets more than a little busy dancing on the pedals this way. (Oh, & I should allow you to know that I reference SIM rides): [ame=""][/ame]

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    The Tipo 26 is suspiciously similar to the "Itala special" that Materassi drove 1925 until he crashed in Rome 1927.

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    These early Maseratis are very nice... :-)

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    It's been a while since I've seen these classic Maserati cars. I had fun browsing this old thread.

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    These cars played an important role when I was in my teen years. I wonder if there is a modern version of these? Anyway, thanks for the nostalgic pictures!

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