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Thread: After nearly 2 years...

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    Welcome back man ! Long time, no see ! Good to see everything is going well !

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    So you moved from Moreno Valley to Brea... from where I grew up to where my mom grew up. cool.

    nice to see you back.
    Honor. Courage. Commitment. Etcetera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megotmea7 View Post
    You caught me, eventually the hick within is going to come out and I'm going revert to throwing a big cam in a big motor powering a big yank car for a big American. :P
    Welcome back. More info on this project please?

    Quote Originally Posted by megotmea7 View Post
    You must be the guy behind the new HHR SS.
    Thats actually a small engine. I believe it is the same LNF 2.0 turbo going into the next Cobalt SS.
    John says:
    so i had to dump acid into the block tank today
    i'm afraid to fap
    cause i got it on my hands

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    I don't remember who you are, but after seeing your post in the GTR thread, I welcome you back.

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    Awesome to have you back congrats on the past 2 years, you've been a busy boy
    <cough> </cough>

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