I just saw this on my local papers (Darlington Stockton Times) website, the car is bieng restored just up the road from where i live, does anybody know much more about it? any good photos?

Rare sports car restoration is a coup for Teesdale workshop
By Jim McTaggart
A CAR that is the only one of its kind in the world is being renovated at a workshop in Barnard Castle.

The Cisitalia 202 Grand Sport, one of only three made in Italy in 1948, has been stripped down and is being totally rebuilt.

The car, built by the Vignale company in Turin to a design by Pininfarina, is the only survivor of the three, as one was wrecked in a crash and the other destroyed in a fire.

The present owner, a wealthy American businessman based in Georgia, has decided no expense should be spared in the rebuilding done by Dick Francis and Steve Layton at their Carrosserie Company workshop.

Mr Francis said: "We are proud of being given this tremendous job. The car will be worth well in excess of 100,000 when we finish. In fact, I couldn't put a figure on it as it will be priceless. It is a fantastic rarity.

"Only a few serious enthusiasts have recognised what it is. When we confirm that it is the only one of its type in the world, they just about turn somersaults in their excitement."

Every part has been taken apart and many pieces such as pistons and engine parts are having to be specially made.

The car was owned by a doctor in Rome for some years, and then by a Concorde pilot who has since died. It changed hands at an auction in 1995 for 88,000 dollars, when it was in a damaged state, but the value of special models has increased greatly since then.

The partners, who have worked on many Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars and other classic models, say the Cisitalia is the rarest of them all.

It is a lightweight with an aluminium body. The engine is only 1100cc, but it is capable of 130mph. The body will probably be painted ark metallic blue.

Mr Francis added: "My one regret is that won't be seen on any road in this country. As soon as it is ready it will be crated up and shipped to the United States."

5:42pm Wednesday 23rd January 2008