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Thread: Trabant to make its return

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    Trabant to make its return

    Scale model producer Herpa recently came with a 1:10 model from a modern day Trabant. It knows looks like there is going to be a 1:1 version of it. A poll on the Herpa website showed that 93% of the voters would love to see the return of the Trabant.

    By now, Herpa already has made a deal with armoured car specialist Indikar to make the 1:10 model into a 1:1. Not completely coincidence: Indikar is from Zwickau, the place were the first Trabant saw life. Rumors suggest that the new Trabi will cost around 10,000 and will be sharing its chassis with the BMW 1 series together with some other parts.
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    BMW 1 Series for 10 grand? I'm interested too...
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    Giugaro said once there's nothing wrong with the shape of the Trabi, they only have to make it a bit more aerodynamic.

    In a few years time, we will see a modernized T-model.

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    Any more news on this?
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