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I consider the places to like a ying-yang setup they compliment eachother they have what the other lacks long winded I know but its a subject Im passionate about I only wish space and money would allow the bulldog gym to have a better weights setup and even a peice or 2 of cardio equipment
Pfft, cardio equipment is for girls! Get yourself a decent pair of running shoes and/or a bicycle. Maybe go swimming every now and then too. The only cardio machine I ever use in the gym is the Concept II, but it's kinda hard to go rowing in the real world whenever you fancy it!

One of my real bug-bears is people who go to a gym just to go on a treadmill or sit on an exercise bike and read a magazine. Just go outside in the fresh air for goodness' sake!

As for the weights, what kind of setup does the martial arts gym have? Can you not pressure them to get/make a cheap squat rack, get some second hand barbells and plates, maybe some kettlebells if they're readily available down there? That wouldn't take up too much space would it? Everyone wins that way as far as I can see. The gym gets a better set-up and would appeal to a much wider clientèle, and their members wouldn't have to keep going elsewhere to work on their strength, they could keep it all in-house and gain a greater control of what their fighters are doing. Plus you'd save money!