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Thread: Abarth 500 2008-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
    It doesn't ride, steer or handle. And the gearbox is useless. And it makes barely any noise at all. But, boy, aren't the Italians good at making something utterly desirable... #14
    Although the power output has risen from the original Abarth 500 from 2008 with 135 bhp to 180bhp.
    This looks more like a special version of these
    Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari - forums
    Abarth 695 Competizione - forums

    Or should they be all put in one Abarth 500 thread.

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    Actually I didn't know where to put it... It's not one of the special 695s, and technically it's not another special edition. But neither is it a regular 500 Abarth. Any thoughts?
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    The problem is probably that we aren't Italian. So we never fully understand this car this thread maybe the best thread for it.

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