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Thread: 'Raited's Audi R8

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    'Raited's Audi R8

    heya folx.. I know i dont post much here, but i saw Shreddin posted His R8, so ill do the same.

    So much brushing went into this, im realy happy with the result.



    X-Raited Creations
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    That looks great.

    I love the reflections and the look of "speed" that you've created.

    The fuel port peeking out of the license plate is a bit weird though.

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    It's much easier to work with the rear and sides of the R8 when widening the body/ fenders than it is the front.

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    I don't like most photochops, but this one is really good! It's very clean, and the body mods make it look like it's ready for a DTM race! Oh, and the flip-up license plate with the re-fueling port underneath was really creative! A+!

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    Looks too fake...

    j/k bro. I love the clean look and I've been looking forward to seeing the hi-res version. Flat out awesome work. I'm going to hate to see how good you are by the time you reach my age. You'll be running circles around me.
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