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Thread: Lambo doors....ruined? POLL

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    Why ruin the car with any sort of modifications at all. From what I've read it's seems to be a pretty sorted car. Unless you have something specific in mind to make it handle in a different way to the way it already does?
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    I see no problem with performance modifications - Being a brand new car they will be thin on the ground though.
    Try find AP brakes that will suit your stud pattern, shouldn't be an issue. Then buy lighter wheels and some decent rubber.

    Scissor doors however add weight, and when its wet and raining you have to step under the falling dirty water from the door to get inside - definate negative if you intend to look tidy.

    If your that desperate - Purchase one of the universal door kits, then pay a GOOD
    mechanic/metal shop to fit them properly. Make sure the door lines still remain straight and the door closes without a fuss.
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    well, congrats on being one of they very first. i havent even seen one yet. all of the equipment designed for the G37 will be directly transferable to the Z, and most of the 350Zs stuff will be as well.

    There are a lot of upgrades to the 350 that are already proven, Ballz' recommendation of AP is probably good. I am currently having Stoptech brakes fitted to my G35. As far as power options, unless you go the forced induction route, you wont gain too much. a catback exhaust will net you a few however.

    talk to your local Z shop, or check out the dedicated forums. they will have the best advice. this is a general forum here, so not very deep in the knowledge of one particular car. but welcome, and we will help however we can.
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    Please don't. Keep the show/go ratio under .5.

    And congrats on the car!
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