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Thread: BMW 530i E34 vs E30 325i vs Corrado VR6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
    Who cares about fuel consumption when you have the Busso V6...
    Maybe someone who sells the ultimate hot hatch to buy a BMW diesel?
    Just kidding. You have a point.
    Money can't buy you friends, but you do get a better class of enemy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McReis View Post
    Maybe someone who sells the ultimate hot hatch to buy a BMW diesel?
    Just kidding. You have a point.
    I was about to put, well I do , but then considering he's not likely to do many miles a nice 6V 3.0 is mightily tempting.

    Secretly I wish I had the balls to buy one. Wait I just said that out loud...? Don't tell anyone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kozy View Post
    I do love the e30 BMW looks, but sadly I think they're just getting a bit too old as a daily driver, unless they're an absolute minter, in which case I wouldn't want to drive it every day!
    my daily driver is 30 years'll be fine.
    Andreas Preuninger, Manager of Porsche High Performance Cars: "Grandmas can use paddles. They aren't challenging."

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    I drove such an e30 and i recently drove a corrado.


    sidenote: I like vw's
    24/02/2008: my first drive in a corrado 16, life is finally going somewhere...
    1/07/2008: first drive in a corrado vr6, life peaks here


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    I would like a Corrado as I am a big VW fan, my Mk2 Golf 16v was great fun until it understeered off a roundabout into a lamp post!

    As much as I like them (VWs), FWD is out. Next car must certainly be RWD, and as such, BMW are very much 'in'.

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