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Thread: Jaguar XJ220 and Saleen S7 mirrors

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    Jaguar XJ220 and Saleen S7 mirrors

    This is kind of a shot in the dark but my 1:18 navy blue Jag XJ220 is missing both its side mirrors. Also, my orange 1:18 Saleen S7 is missing just its right side mirror. If anyone has replacements for them, PM me, it would be greatly appreciated

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    good luck with that man. Unless anyone is missing the rest of their models aside from the mirrors, you may as well make them out of playdough.

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    Had a quick look round some of the resin parts detail sites I have and no luck.
    Contact the country distributor and ask if they've any spare to purchase You might be lucky ... I once did this for a Tamiya Brabham F1 and they sent me the whole sprue for free !!
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    I doubt that many people just happen to have these parts lying around.

    Maybe you can research the shape of the mirrors and fabricate your own?

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