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Thread: Giving the FIA a bad name...

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    Giving the FIA a bad name...

    No, not Max Mosley's shenanigans in a London basement. There is a far more serious issue of public image facing the FIA. One that has the capability to undermine the very foundations of the organisation.

    Sebastien Loeb doesn't shave enough. Absolutely despicable behaviour from the 4 time World Rally Champion and hero to many. I don't know how he sleeps at night; anyone would think he was free to be able to style his facial hair any way he saw fit. Thankfully the FIA have been on the case and recommended that the TV companies don't show any lingering close-ups of Loeb for fear of bringing the sport into disrepute, thus saving rally fans from Loeb's hideous visage.

    Full story...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Times
    Consorting with prostitutes on video may or may not be a private matter, but the governing body of world motor sport knows what really hurts its image: a driver who forgets to wash and shave.

    That was the indignant conclusion in France after news that Sébastien Loeb, its reigning world champion rally ace, has been taken to task for his unkempt appearance by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.

    Just before Max Mosley, the FIA chief, was exposed while enjoying his exotic soirée, Morrie Chandler, the head of its rally division, endorsed a complaint over the unkempt appearance of Loeb, 34.

    The driver from Alsace, who has been world champion for the past four years and is one of the biggest stars in rally history, has recently adopted longer hair and stubble.

    Mr Chandler wrote in an e-mail, according to le Figaro newspaper: "The same thing happens in football and other 'virile' sports. Of course such people are an insult to real men." To avoid bringing the sport into ill-repute, Mr Chandler asked the FIA's television body to limit the air time given to scruffy winners and avoid close-ups.

    The FIA, which runs Formula 1, rally and other motorsports, seems to have double standards, said le Figaro and other commentators. The paper commented: "How can one of its most senior figures criticise a driver for his appearance when President Mosley refuses to consider that the sexual scandal in which he is implicated . . . to be damaging to the institution which he directs?"

    Alain Pernot, rally correspondent for Sport Auto magazine, called the attitude of the FIA ridiculous. "It is all the more out of line at a moment when Mr Mosley is claiming the right to eccentric sexuality. Sébastien Loeb does not wear swastikas and does nothing that shocks good morals," he said. The remark was an allusion to the alleged Nazi overtones of Mr Mosley's sex session.

    Mr Chandler, a New Zealander, took up a complaint from Surinder Thatthi, the head of African motor sport, who was upset by Loeb's appearance on the podium after winning the Mexico rally. "When the FIA gives global TV cover towards millions of viewers and children, he is a hero and a model . . . He is going too far," Mr Thatthi was quoted as saying.

    Simon Long, the head of International Sportsworld Communications (ISC), which holds the FIA broadcast rights, disagreed with Mr Chandler, according to le Figaro. He insisted that Loeb's "handsome tough look" was just what rally needed in order to attract fans to a "real and rough" sport.

    Mr Chandler replied: "If, according to your experience his behaviour and appearance sell (rally), then so be it."

    The affair was all the more surprising because Loeb, a national hero, has no reputation for rowdiness and is admired as one of the world's top all-round drivers. Luc Augier, rally writer for Auto Moto, said: "There is a contrast between his very courteous, polite, ideal-son-in-law nature and the rather casual hippy look that he has recently adopted. The FIA should be looking at its president instead."

    Mr Mosley's fate will be decided by a secret ballot among the 222 voting members of the FIA at an extraordinary general assembly in Paris on June 3.
    source: Sebastien Loeb's long hair and stubble causes more of a row than Max Mosley - Times Online

    The mind boggles.
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    This is...

    ...I can't find the right word.
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    hahahaha WTF

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    This seems like something that would be on Sniff Petrol, except that the names aren't silly.

    As much as I don't like Loeb, I hope he tells the FIA to shove it.

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    Fédération des Idiots Autoritaires...
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    The man can grow a beard as long as his legs for all i care. You win, You set the rules.

    Look at American Football and Baseball. You grow a beard when you are on a role. I could care less about what tv coverage i get. I still get my pay check for winning races.

    It is 100% correct that Loeb is doing something that disappeared from racing after the mid 90's. Personality.

    But if the FIA is this stupid, they can continue to be more of a joke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimento View Post
    As much as I don't like Loeb, I hope he tells the FIA to shove it.
    What don't you like about him?

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    I guess the FIA wants more Kimi Raikkonens ie no emotion or personality shown whatsoever *shakes head*

    What racing needs is more racing personalities. Something to draw back fans to make it seem not so dry to the casual observer

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    Sheesh, sports organizations worldwide are trying to police their athletes. The PGA announced that it wanted to sanction Jon Daley for showing up in an internet video golfing shirtless when the man was on his own property and in a non-PGA event. The NFL likes to tell players how high they can wear their socks and coaches need permission to wear a suit. The NBA dictates what players can wear when entering and leaving the locker room. NOW the FIA wants in on this?! Ridiculous.

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    I actually think his look is so cool. He doesn't look unkempt at all. I don't understand what the issue is.
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    You're allowed to have Nazi inspired orgies.

    So long as you shaved beforehand.

    </dirty mind>

    Seriously. What on god's green earth.......
    <cough> </cough>

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    They're just jealous...
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    What about Peter Solberg when he didn't shave or cut his hair before he won again!, he started to look like Big Foot!, thankfully he shaved and cut his hair before he won again! (im not sure if he has won a Rally since)

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    Damon Hill in 2006, the perfect candidate to succeed Max Mosley then...
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    Has anyone seen an actual FIA statement on this ?
    Searched thir web site and can't find anything.

    Might I suggest this is mud raking by journos ?

    Let's see ... a New Zealand representative on the FIA council has supported a comment by an African representative on the FIA about Loeb. So far I don't see ANY confirmation that the FIA are telling Loeb to clean up

    On the other side ... they objected to him doing donuts, in a RALLY car ... so anything IS possible
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