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Thread: Reventon Delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by werty View Post
    I can understand the crate, but There isnt any foam or cushion on the front back or sides. It just seems so vulnerable dont you think
    Perhaps, but it also looks tightly squeezed into place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Bauer View Post
    Do you actually get a choice with the colour scheme of the Reventon?

    I was under the impression that all 20 cars were going to be the same colour, inside and out. It's supposed to reflect the military/air force/F-22 Raptor theme to the car, or some such marketing bullcrap.

    I think the interior is ugly, along with the rest of the car.
    All 20 cars are the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ecnelis View Post
    Is the 01/20 going for public sale? Or is it going to be a different one (some rumours says it is going to be 04/20 and the 01/20 is for someone else, who bought it originally before Reventon was revealed to the rest of world)?
    This isn't for sale. There is one that was secretly bought by Lamborghini Houston that is for sale, and is looking for a $100,000 profit on it.
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    so is this going to car shows in florida or just staying in a private collection hardly ever going to be seen?

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    omg... i have officially made a love stain in my pants
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