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Thread: ABT Volkswagen Golf V R32

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    ABT Volkswagen Golf V R32

    2008-04-01 11:54
    The road as Golf course – for the Abt R32

    VW‘s Golf 3,2 V6 R32 is the fastest Golf offered by the Wolfsburg carmaker – and „therefore the perfect basis for ABT Sportsline“, says Hans-Jürgen Abt.

    „The R32 is already designed as a super sports car. People who buy this Golf want an extremely fast compact car.“ A racing car in golf‘s clothing, suitable for every day use. ABT has put such an extraordinary car on dynamic 19-inch BR-wheels: instead of serial 250hp (184kW) the ABT R32 now delivers enormous 370hp (272kW). This immense plus in power of 120hp is possible thanks to a modified motor management and the use of the ABT compressor kit combined with a water-cooled intercooler. All components are tuned perfectly to the potent V6 by the Kempten engineers, and therefore offer permanently impressing driving values: for example, the ABT R32 sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.0 seconds, compared to 6.2 seconds for the serial R32. The top speed is more than 270km/h. Particularly impressing is how the tuned engine is getting it on: the six-cylinder engine accelerates just as smoothly as powerfully in every rpm-range. „The R32 is as much fun on the motor way as on winding country roads“, explains Hans-Jürgen Abt. Small wonder, as the Kempten Golfer is equipped with the ABT adjustable sports suspension harmonizing perfectly with the 370 horses of the V6.
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    Good day

    I own a 2007 Golf 5 R32 and would like to have the same modifications done to mine. I am a South African citizen and would like to know if it can be done here if the parts and modification directions / installation steps can be shipped to me, if so, will you be so kind to furnish me with a quotation? Thanking you.
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    You might have better luck over at vwvortex forum asking about that...
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