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Thread: Mille Miglia Storica - Modena - 2008

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    Mille Miglia Storica - Modena - 2008

    As you know, some days ago the Mille Miglia Storica passed trough Modena in its last day of race. Nowadays it's not a rally anymore but an historical evocation of the past event, with only the participation of cars predating 1957 given the fact that the last true edition of the race took part in this year. The race was then was discontinued due to a fatal accident, in which driver de Portago, his co-driver and other eleven people died.
    Nowadays during the race, lot of additional cars follow the parade. These can be support cars or "new releases" that take advantage of the race as a publicity stunt. Last year the new MB C-Class was the most publicized car (along with the Audi Q7), but this year I was unable to see which was the "star" of the ad campaign (due to the fact that I set up camp near one of the timed sectors, where only participants were allowed to pass).
    My spot was good, and regardless of the bad weather I was able to take quite a lot of shots (over 1000). I have to admit, however, that the quality isn't what I hoped. The lack of lighting and a shaky hand didn't help either... Also, in order to have good shoots of moving cars, i used a sport mode on my Sony. It resulted in a clear, sharp focus, but with a shorter exposure time (darkened pictures). I'm convincing my self i should get a new DSLR camera, if I ever learn to use it!
    As time passed the light disappeared, and incomprehensibly, they didn't turn on the streetlights so a lot of pictures are very very dark (I didn't use the flash in order the save the battery energy). I didn't edit all those photos to safeguard my mental health, so i guess it's up to you once you download them, sorry (EDIT: finally, i did it)... Afterwards I tried to take some shots with a longer exposure, but the focus lost too much quality. I discarded a lot of pictures for these reasons.
    At the end of the night, i finished my 2 Gb memory stick and also the battery. I couldn't take some pictures of other cars i found while walking home, such as a Vanquish and some present-day Maserati. i missed some other cars before of the event, but they weren't my goal.

    btw, stop talking and let's begin with the pictures.
    for every car i will post one or two photos provided by the owners, and as much as i can of mine.
    the owners' pics are from Mille Miglia - Rassegna Stampa i won't use pictures from other website. All info about each car is provided by that site, so if there's something wrong, it's not my fault
    some cars retired before the race (the Bugatti type 12 flipped over the 2nd day), and some of these are missing from the index since they were removed from the official site before i managed to download them.
    for the record i passed the last 10 days downloading those pictures, resizing the site pictures as well as mine and separating all of them in different folders for each car. i'm going to post them organized by "car number-year-manufacturer-model-displacement".

    and I guess that's all I have to say about that.

    i hope you enjoy my work.
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