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Thread: Zytek Hybrid at Petit Le Mans

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    In defense of Intersport, before the LMP2 factory revolution they were a powerhouse. Even in 2006 they came in 2nd overall at Sebring (only 4 laps behind the winning Audi.) The same year the points chase for LMP2 between them and Penske (which Penske won) came down to the last race of the season. I used to really like their team. It seamed like they never were extremely fast, but steady and reliable. Now they scare me. When I see John Field leave the R10s on a straight then barely keep his line, I shudder. I actually don't like to see wrecks.

    In defense of Lolas, they are almost entirely run by privateers. When Adrian Fernandez raced the Lola/Acura it didn't seem that he was at a disadvantage to the other Acura teams. Also the Lola/Aston Martin is quite fast.

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    Don't forget when Dyson ran the Lola, be it as the B06/10 or the old EX257, they are usually the only one capable of troubling the Audi on a regular basis.....
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    ALMS: Corsa Motorsports/Zytek Hybrid Donnington Track Test
    Corsa Motorsports, Zytek, and driver Johnny Mowlem shake down their new, pioneering Hybrid LMP1 prototype at Donnington.
    ALMS: Corsa Motorsports/Zytek Hyrid Donnington Track Test - Brightcove
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