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Thread: My new car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
    What cars were you considering besides this and the C1?

    Nice buy, by the way
    Thanks! Well, I didn't have clear ideas, the main targets were low fuel consumption, low insurance and low price. The C1 costs around 7000 € thanks to some special offers and so that's why I was also interested in that. And I also find it kinda cute
    The GPunto was also one of the car I considered, then the Fiesta (would have costed me around 8000 € with clima, radio, rims, tinted rear glasses as standards thanks to special offers), but my father also told me to have a look at the Micra Sport and the Cuore O.O ... no thanks dad (even though the new Cuore is a big step forward when compared to the old one).
    The Mazda 2 is interesting, too, but I didn't even go to a Mazda dealer...
    The new Fiesta is an attractive car, but, if I ever had bought it, I would have had to wait too much. And besides, I noticed there's too much sheet between the rear wheel arches and the rear windows. So the car makes even big rims looks not so big... Don't know if I've been clear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by M_M View Post
    Don't know if I've been clear...
    "Kimi, can you improve on your [race] finish?"
    "No. My Finnish is fine; I am from Finland. Do you have any water?"

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