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Thread: Class Winning Sprint & Hill CLimb Car For Sale

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    Class Winning Sprint & Hill CLimb Car For Sale

    My freind is selling his class winning 106 Rallye and has asked me to post on here incase anyone might be interested. Hope i am not breaking any forum rules, but thought people might be interested as its a cheap way to get into motorsport.

    I am very sad to say my class 1A sprint and hillclimb car is going up for sale. Its a 95 N reg which i have owned for 9 years. Its was converted to a sprint car 3 years ago and has won its class the past two. Last year finishing 7th overall in the midland speed and 6th this year. It has had class records at Croft, Cadwell, Anglesey international, and national.

    I forgot to say, this car is fully road legal with tax and MOT

    The spec is quite large so ill just list the basics for now and can go into more detail later.

    Tu2 engine with 1360 crank (Only done 2 seasons since full rebuild)
    wossner forged pistons
    Sandy Brown Inlet
    Longmans Baffled sump
    catcam inc. springs and retainers
    minister ported head (New an the start of this season with new valves cam and vernier)
    steel flywheel
    racing clutch
    Pug sport exhaust
    Heat rapped supersprint manifold
    Rebuilt gearbox with Quaife ATB
    safety devices cage
    polly bushed front end
    Group A engine mounts
    fiberglass bonet
    OMP lower and top strut brace
    Bilstein group N front shocks with eibach springs
    19mm Torsion bars with 24mm ARB
    Custom rear diffuser

    Sprint and Hillclimb class winner - 106 Rallye Register Forum
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    I'll take it. (I wish)

    How much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteballz View Post
    I'll take it. (I wish)

    How much?
    me too.
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    *cough* *cough*

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    All the price and contact details are here

    Race Cars : Saloon Cars : Peugeot 106 Rallye Sprint/Hillclimb Class Winner

    If only i didn't have to renew my mortgage before Christmas i might have bought it.
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