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Thread: Pontiac G8 GT or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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    CMC, for the G def upgrade to some stainless steel lines. The stock pads have great initial bite but dust a lot and don't last. Hawk HPS are really nice. I just put them on. i'm guessing yours has the Rev-Up motor which put out 295 horses. Go for an intake plenum spacer, ztube, an borla exhaust (sounds nice not too loud, very deep. Stillen is really loud) Once you get it to run at 300 RWHP you're in bussiness but to do that without FI isn't too easy. Stock it's somewhere at like 240. I hear there are many suspension upgrades that make the car handle better. Braces sways and spring upgrades. Might need to do some camber and toe adjustments. Its a great car. Many mods physically that can make it stand out. go for it!
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    Hi folks,

    I was remembering my starting this thread and cringing. Thought I'd check in. I'm done with school and working for the year.

    I ended up getting a beautiful blue G8 GT in May 2009. I recently had her tuned for the first time (November) at TuneTime Performance in NJ. Here are some pics of her on the dyno.
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    I am a n00b for now, but I plan to become auto savvy the same way I became computer hardware and water-cooling savvy: through FORUMS

    Hope nobody minds...

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    You sir, are a hero. Good buy!

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