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Thread: rear wheel drive or 4WD?

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    rear wheel drive or 4WD?

    i hav a love for cars such as the gallardo and the murcielago along with my new love, the zonda f.there is a healty mixture of rear and 4WD cars here if u add the enza etc, etc.the question is,do u prefer rear wheel or all wheel drive?i lean to the 4WD cuz im a luver of the evo's and skylines and what they can do, but soome of the major manufacturers make rear wheel drive cars.these include ferraris, porchse GT2, zonda etc.which wud u go for?which do u prefer?hit me up...

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    rwd or fwd for me. i dont like the driving dynamics of awd when pushed really hard, the whole chuck it in, and hang on while the car fixes your poor corner entry. i prefer having to get it right on my own, and let the car try and kill me if i screw up.
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    this has been discussed too many times on this forum, check the search.
    welcome btw
    oh and rear wheel drive ftw, no if ands or buts.
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    yungtris... check this thread out, and im going to close this thread:
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