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Thread: CTS Coupe slated for production

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    It looks alright from the front, although the rear does look a bit too heavy.

    I wonder if GM will have the funds to make a CTS V version of the coupe?

    And is it North American markets only?

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    The CTS's awkward rear is most prominent in one of the pictures Rockefella provided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch-monkey View Post
    probably a symptom of becoming a coupe?
    I have seen better coupe shapes...
    and looking better than the BMW GT is not much of an achievement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
    (The V is hideous)
    You are drunk.

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    This criminally ugly assault on the eyes is going ahead while the VE based Coupe60 is destined only for Auto shows?

    No justice in this world...
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    I really don't like the back of the car
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    why didn't they update the style to that of the recent Converi? much better looking than both the production car and the first concept imo.
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