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Thread: Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-RT Edition Turbo

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    Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-RT Edition Turbo

    The Vorsteiner V-RT (Vorsteiner Race Technologies) latest aerodynamic & forged wheel package is finally being released to the public to add to the current V-GT lineup for the 997 Carrera. The all-new V-RT parts will be available for world wide release after March 23rd, 2009. Please our website at Welcome to Vorsteiner for any public updates.

    The exterior aerodynamic package consists of 3 primary packages. Up front is a new replacement front fascia that features larger carbon fiber air intakes for the radiators and elimination of the fog lights like the factory 997 GT2. A removable dry carbon fiber front lower spoiler adds additional down force to the front end while protecting the front bumper from any steep inclines or road hazards. The principal challenge of this front bumper was maximize weight savings . This was achieved by eliminating the fog lights, and replacing the factory plastic air ducts and hardware with carbon fiber ducting as a molded single component of the front bumper .

    The V-RT rear bumper is also designed to offer the 997 Turbo with a wider stance with enlarged side intercooler extraction vents that house a replacement dry carbon fiber shroud that is approximately 35% larger for improved airflow through the intercoolers. The rear bumper also features a new molded carbon fiber rear diffuser with integrated twin aero fins that encompass the quad sport exhaust tips.

    The V-RT rear end is completed with a carbon composite rear deck lid/engine cover with twin ram air scoops that feed air into the engine bay and air intake for maximum airflow and cooling. Additionally a carbon fiber wing blade enhances the final appearance while increasing down force to the rear of the vehicle at high speeds.

    The V-306 twin 7 spoke 3-piece forged wheels shown are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. The wheels feature a race-inspired center mesh design in 20x8.5J and 20x12J that are also available in 19 inch configurations with many personalized finish options.
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    I like it, the LED tusks didn't do it for me. However, the third pic reminds me of a toy electric car for some reason (height above ground + the shape given by the angle?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by CdocZ View Post
    I like it, the LED tusks didn't do it for me. However, the third pic reminds me of a toy electric car for some reason (height above ground + the shape given by the angle?)
    that's because it looks like a vacuum.
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    I like the design of the wheels fitted to this porsche.
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    i likeeeee. well pretty much anything 997 i like
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    Quote Originally Posted by CdocZ View Post
    I like it, the LED tusks didn't do it for me.
    agreed, waiting for one of these tuning companies to give it neat air intakes for once.
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    I like the way it all comes together, the bodykit is clean and not ostentatious at all, a nice change.

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    I could have sworn that that was Techart bodykit...
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    I wouldn't really call it a tune, besides the body panels its a stock Turbo, isn't it?
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    good car

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    Lower it.
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