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Thread: SFZCC member on DSport Magazine

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    SFZCC member on DSport Magazine

    Remember the blue Twin Turbo 350Z from this thread?

    Well, it was featured in this month's DSPORT Import Performance Magazine The owner (Gus Martinez) put lots of time, money, and passion into this car. Well deserved, and well done

    Clean, powerful Z. Here's a link to the article (I bought a copy of the magazine today): - DSport Magazine - Featured Article - This Twin Turbocharged Z33 Boasts 553 Horsepower

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    looks aggressive! that gearstick looks like it'd be level with your hip, probably the angle though.
    a few niggly details (tri spoke wheels..) but looks like a sweet stret machine.
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    the advans are popular in the nissan tuning circles.... i dont really like em though.

    the wires running to the EBC, or whatever that is, is pretty tacky. i would definitely hide those somewhere.
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