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Thread: Volvo Philip Concept 1952

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    Volvo Philip Concept 1952

    Volvo Philip Concept 1952

    To look at the full-form styling and embryonic tail fins, there is no question that the 'Philip' concept is from the 1950s. Philip was a large car powered by a large V8 engine; however, the embryonic tail fins distinctly follow the American trend. The idea of building a car more similar to an American model than the small, rounded PV was conceived in 1952, some years before Volvo made its first attempt to enter the North American market with the 122S and PV544 in 1959. Although the car might now be considered attractive, it never reached production.

    1952 Volvo Philip Concept - Images, Specifications and Information
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    I read a feature on this car many years ago in Collectible Automobile and have been intruiged by it ever since. Looking back its a shame this very contemporary design didn't reach fruition, and Volvo would probably have made an honest and rugged machine out of it.

    The influence of master designer Dutch Darrin is clearly appparent (as seen in 1951 Kaiser) right down to the famous 'Darrin Dip'

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