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Thread: Chevron B19 up close and personal, and 10 new wallpapers ...

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    Chevron B19 up close and personal, and 10 new wallpapers ...

    Dear visitor,

    Scoring a debut victory at its launch in 1971, Chevron B19s have been successfully raced ever since. They were first used in contemporary events like the European 2-liter championship and subsequently became very popular historic racing cars. Following the victorious debut, B19s scored many outright and class victories in 1971. This was carried on by the very similar B21 and B23 that replaced it in the following seasons. Chevron's Derek Bennett was responsible for the small racer's very simple but highly effective design. Thanks to its fantastic handling, the lightweight B19 was back then and is still a proper giant slayer.
    In just one year, Chevron are believed to have built a total of 35 B19s. Due to chassis repairs and replacements the history of those 35 cars and the many additional chassis in existence is very hard to trace. Over the last year many historians from around the world have contributed to track down the cars and their history, which has resulted in this very interesting page on If you have additional knowledge please contact us or Allen Brown at
    The featured example has a very interesting and confirmed history. It is seen in action during the 2007 and 2008 season in its period correct livery.
    The Chevron B19 is also one of ten cars added we have added to our wallpaper section for our loyal supporting members. Other wallpapers added include the new Lola-Aston Martin, Auto Union Type D and a Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet at Villa d'Este.

    Enjoy the links:

    1971 Chevron B19 Cosworth - Images, Specifications and Information

    Wallpaper Section

    Paid Subscription

    Chevron B19 on

    Wouter Melissen
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