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Thread: Corvette LMP1

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    Not just GM not scrapping the program, they also need ACO to finalize LMP-Evo rule. Which was always going to be tricky as it'll scrap the current LMP cars. The LMP-Evo car will not be as fast as current P1, which means unless there are no LMP cars, manufacturers are less likely to enter...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecnelis View Post
    Thanks for the link
    Sorry if I cannot express myself correctly, but I don't know English as good as I want, so my answers will probably be the same in many cases.

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    It looks like a Zonda to me....

    I wish they can build this, Corvette has been doing so well in GT1, they should come with something thats capable of competing with Audi in LMP1 Class.

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    Or something that lead to the creation Of the Corvette DP perhaps?
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    I guess they've just been playing with the idea of a Corvette-ish body on some high-level prototype, like the GTP car above, so when the chance appeared to use it on a DP Pratt&Miller guys just took it from some dusty shelf. At least it looks like that to me.

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