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Thread: Ford Territory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esperante
    How come everybody BUT the US gets the NICE Ford models, and then 4 years later we get them? Europe gets the Ka, Fiesta, etc. and Australia gets the Territory. The only thing the US gets first are the Mustang and GT.
    don't forget america doesn't get the falcon because they chose to make a mazda based sedan instead you guys really lost out on that decision its a shame
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    the terriotory won wheels car of the year in aussie land, because it doesn't drive like a svu but more like a sedan, and a good one at that

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    Concept of the Territory looks similar to Ford Freestyle to me. Engine on Freestyle is not as powerful however.

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    Looks like it's based off the freestyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealth
    Looks like it's based off the freestyle.
    Cursory glance shows it isn't, as Freestyle is Volvo FWD based isn't it?

    Territory features a longditudinal mounted I6 with rear-drive or rear-drive biased AWD. It's development was apparently underway before Freestyle. Now has 190kW, 6speed ZF auto on AWD variants, with turbo-6 petrol & twin-turbo Peugeot/Ford V6 diesel models impending

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    Rumour has it once Ford Oz pitched the idea to Detroit (and subsequently asked for the $AUD500m to develop it), Detroit changed the styling of the Freestyle to coincide with the Territory
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    Quote Originally Posted by drakkie View Post
    SUV s SUCK , and i will never buy one of these
    Really? still?

    Quote Originally Posted by fpv_gtho View Post
    well everyone's entitled to their opinion, but the experts here are predicting that this category of crossover that blurs the lines between SUV's, people movers and large sedans will end up replacing the classic large, RWD sedans here as family cars
    It has become reality!

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