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Thread: Win a two-year subscription for designing banners

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    Win a two-year subscription for designing banners


    Today we would like to call in your help and graphic talents for the design of all new default banners. These will be used when our advertisers have no ads available and have to promote our premium subscription packages. In the past we have used our own designs but my graphic talents are very limited. The designer of the banners we will decide to use will receive a two-year premium subscription.

    What we need is a clear and appealing design that will further boost the subscription package sales. It will have to be applied to four different ad-sizes:

    • 768x90
    • 120x600
    • 336x280
    • 300x250

    They need to focus on our premium features:

    • No Ads
    • Exclusive Wallpapers
    • POTD Archive
    • Easy to download/print car PDFs
    • Zipped photo galleries
    • Additional forum features

    The full list of features can be found here: - Powered by knowledge, driven by passion

    There is no definitive deadline but we will need your entry in all four of the sizes listed above. We would also like to receive the graphics as PSD files so we can edit them when a new feature is added to our premium package.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly or ask them in this thread.

    Thanks in advance,

    Wouter Melissen

    PS: Attached are some of the banners we are currently using and need replacing badly.
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