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Thread: Been a while 2 new Chops ( glac)

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    Been a while 2 new Chops ( glac)

    Hi guys its been a lng time since ive done anything i felt could be posted

    so i manged to get something worked on, i post both of them here hope you like Thanks

    I didt know where to go with this one , but i wanted to keep it classy and uniqe and i think i did ,

    Took me some time but i managed to use my WACOM on this one, and i love it , i will do it again,
    ididt think i would be able to do a hot rod, so after i made that comp i thought to my self shit what have i done lol xD
    but i think i came thru in the end, good luck to everyone in the comp

    Also added a special effect to the picture and i love the black and white =)

    All you see except the lights and the rear wheels whitewall and the stock parts obviously. are brushed or overbrushed.

    I added some ZOOM details for everyone to see as well

    Orignal image

    Zoom bits

    My version


    2nd Car

    Nissan Altima

    Basicly ALOT is done, cant name it all but its quite obvious when you look at the Original image.

    I also did a twist on this one i tried many diffrent effects and stuff, also i have added my own selfmade
    3D wheels, theese are the BBS you might remember from before but i made em alot better and cleaner.
    I have added a picture of them as well if you want to use them PLEASE ask me first, il get you any angle you want
    as always alot of brush, and tweaking, mostly all except the obvious is brush, also mixed 3 backgrounds together some might remember this one from the Subaru i did sometime ago .

    Thanks for looking any quiestions feel free to ask anything cheers

    The 3D wheel


    My Eyecandy Version

    Hope you like them enjoy
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    wow. nice work as always, wondered if you were still around.
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    wow nice, I can barely tell that it was a chop for the Nissan Altima pic

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    whoa.i like the hot rod
    Nothing to say...

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    Great work. The only things i would change (purely personal changes), is a smaller dish on the rear wheel and maybe start the grill at a more vertical angle and bend it to its current position, though only slightly.

    Like I said, they were only personal changes. Otherwise, are you going to make one or a few? If so its a want on my xmas list.
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    thanks fellas =)

    yeah im still around just havent had time to do chops lately , work =(

    Sure i can do personal ones if anyone wants, Xmas them hellyeah =D

    I appreciate your views Acfsambo, i might try it and see how it would look _=D thanks


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    Very nice Glacius.. as always

    You could always do my "new" Jeep lol
    Need something photoshopped?
    Ask me. 10 years of experience with the program. Yes, I charge, depending on the project.
    PM me for details, cause every project is different.

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    woot a jeep nice have to show me one day

    thanks for kind comments peeps i hope you enjoyed them il be adding more soon
    much apprecaited

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    Check your MSN messenger
    Need something photoshopped?
    Ask me. 10 years of experience with the program. Yes, I charge, depending on the project.
    PM me for details, cause every project is different.

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