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Thread: Mac racing games

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    Mac racing games

    I know it's a limited selection, but does anyone have any suggestions for driving games on Apple computers? I have FlatOut 2 (Cider port) running well on my 2.4GHz MacBook, but that seems to be it so far. Any other suggestions for racing, simulation or any Mac-compatible games? I'm even looking at some of the 4x4 and motorcycle games I played on my PC, but I don't want to run Windows just to play them...

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    I got Colin McRea Rally and DTM Race Driver 3 (doubt its named the same in the states) and I enjoyed them both on my 2.4GHz iMac.

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    NFS Carbon. Also, you can convert certain games for mac using cider. I did it for Most Wanted.

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    you can convert certain games for mac using cider. I did it for Most Wanted.
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    you can also play online games like hill climb racing or something else

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