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Thread: Gas Turbine Powered Bus

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimento View Post
    Diesels can be nice and versatile like that.. see all the used deep fryer oil stories.
    although, you still need to filter that and get rid of the solid particles in the cooking oil.
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    A small price to pay for free fuel..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimento View Post
    A small price to pay for free fuel..
    Except now with so many people trying to get it it's not free any more.

    My grandpa had an old 1 cylinder diesel tractor that would run on anything combustable that could be poured. He always used to joke that if he could get sawdust fine enough it would run on that. Doesn't mean its all that good of an idea to try it on anythign new. Worst smelling car I've ever been around ran on musard oil. Guy said he got it cheap. I don't think it's worth it.
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    I've heard of buses getting turbine- or diesel-electric powertrains, though it would be more like locomotives' setups than that of the Volt, wouldn't it? I don't think it's efficient enough to be honest, the loss in the coupling between the engine and the generator can be substantial.
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    The Volt's setup isn't that different than a locomotive. The biggest difference being the Volt does shut it's gas motor down. Otherwise both generate electricity which is fed to the wheel motors. The Volt of course can also send some power to the battery. Of course I am referring to the Volt when it's operating in extended range mode, not when it's operating as a battery powered car.

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    i saw one of these in the city. they're very quiet
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    I've just noticed the thing has a spoiler. This would be a first for a bus, afaik.

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