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Thread: Renault Zoe Z.E Concept 2009

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    Renault Zoe Z.E Concept 2009

    2009 Frankfurt show

    ZOE Z.E. Concept

    Zoe Z.E. Concept is evidence that an all-electric zero-emission vehicle can also boast smart,
    appealing looks. Zoe Z.E. Concept features technology aimed at extending its range and
    enhancing the travelling comfort of all occupants.
    Zoe Z.E. Concept is a compact, versatile daily driver which represents a new way of
    experiencing mobility.

    Zoe Z.E. Concept targets motorists who own more than one car and who are looking for a compact,
    versatile vehicle capable of meeting their varied day-to-day needs, such as the school or work run, or
    shopping trips.
    Zoe Z.E. Concept is an all-electric, zero-emission vehicle which reconciles motoring with the
    environmental aspirations of customers looking for a vehicle with the best possible ecological footprint.

    Zoe Z.E. Concept invites its occupants to enjoy familiar pleasures.
    Using cutting-edge electric-vehicle technology, Zoe Z.E. Concept is proof that a zero-emission vehicle
    can also possess a dynamic, edgy, attractive design which immediately points to driving enjoyment.
    Aerodynamics have a significant influence on the performance of a zero-emission vehicle and, in the
    case of the Zoe Z.E. Concept project, the overriding concerns regarding design were elegance and
    Zoe Z.E. Concept is just 4.10m long and is powered by a 70kW electric motor which develops 226Nm
    of torque. It is easy to imagine the vehicle making its way silently through traffic in built-up areas. The
    large 21-inch wheels and large body panels are reassuring touches that give the four occupants
    complete peace of mind when travelling out of town.
    At the rear, a retractable spoiler deploys at speeds in excess of 90kph to make a further contribution to
    Zoe Z.E. Concept's aerodynamic efficiency. This LED-equipped spoiler also serves as a brake light, as
    does the integrated light in the shark's fin-type aerial on the roof.

    The exterior design of Zoe Z.E. Concept incorporates technologies aimed at reasserting its
    'zero-emission' credentials:
    · The roof has been designed as an intelligent protective membrane that insulates the
    occupants from heat and cold, as well as optimizing climate control performance by recovering
    energy via its honeycomb photovoltaic cells.
    · At front and rear, a shield of polyurethane gel protects the lights which feature energy-efficient
    electroluminescent diodes that emit a blue-tinted light. This second skin protects vulnerable
    components from small knocks in town, while underlining this electric concept car's hi-tech
    · The air intakes situated either side of the car channel airflow to cool the batteries. The air is
    extracted through two large rear channels through which it is possible to glimpse the
    streamlined suspension arms.
    · Rearward vision is handled by two small, profiled, energy-efficient cameras which transmit
    images to the interior rear view mirror, giving the driver perfect visibility without blind spots.
    · The front features scissor doors, while rear access is through butterfly-style doors. The clever
    and original design of the rear doors means they also double up as openings for the boot,
    allowing carrying space to be accessed from the side, from the pavement, for example.

    The form of the front seat cushions resembles that of an asymmetric pebble, while the seatbacks are
    attached to the roof. At the rear, the seats can be folded flat with a view to obtaining additional
    carrying capacity.
    The dashboard contributes to the interior's uncluttered feel. It is covered with an intelligent, minerallike
    membrane and the lightest of touches calls up a range of touchscreen controls. The wide TFT
    (Thin Film Transistor) screen is housed in a glass bubble. This is the central information point for
    Zoe Z.E. Concept and serves to display navigation data, the charge indicator and remaining range, as
    well as a pallet of coloured mood lighting options which enable the interior ambiance to be customized.
    This mood lighting can also be selected automatically via a sensor in the seat which will tone the
    lighting to match the colours of the driver's clothes.
    Information is presented by an avatar that appears on the TFT screen, creating a link between the
    driver and the technology thanks to short messages. The avatar can be personalized (male, female,
    downloadable from the internet), and provides information about traffic conditions, the route and
    remaining range. It can also indicate the nearest charging points. This way of humanizing the
    technology makes it more accessible and creates a relationship with the driver to ensure that journeys
    are as pleasant as possible.
    The hands-free keycard can be personalized, too, by fixing a chip to an object of the customer's
    choosing to enable automatic door locking and ignition.

    Finally, the climate control system does much more than simply adjusts the temperature. It also
    enhances the travelling experience thanks to an innovative triple-function system:
    · Hydrating function. In contrast to conventional climate control systems, which can tend to dry
    out the air, small dashboard-mounted vaporizers spray an exclusive active substance to
    rehydrate the skin and exude a sensation of wellbeing.
    · 'Detox' function. A toxicity sensor monitors air quality and shuts off the airvents if required.
    Then, in addition to extracting harmful substances, the cabin filters deliver others which benefit
    the skin.
    · Active scent function. An electric system exhales essential oils suited to the mood of the
    moment: something mellow for a relaxing drive home, perhaps, or the need to stimulate
    concentration when driving at night.
    This triple-function system has been developed in association with Biotherm®, the skin biology brand
    of L'Oréal's Luxury Products Division.
    After a journey in Zoe Z.E. Concept, occupants will feel more relaxed, just like after a spa treatment.


    The driver has three options when it comes to 'filling up' on energy:
    · A standard charge: takes between four and eight hours, via a charging socket situated on the
    outside of the vehicle.
    · A quick charge: in 20 minutes, using the same socket at specific charging points.
    · The exclusive 'Quickdrop' system: three minutes at a rapid battery exchange station.
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    Type Electric
    Transmission type
    Direct drive with
    forward/reverse inverters
    Maximum power EEC (kW/hp) 70/95
    Maximum torque EEC (Nm) 225
    Type Lithium-ion
    Range 160km
    Power steering
    Electric variable rate power
    Parking brake Electric
    Rims (inches) 21
    Length (mm) 4,100
    Width (mm) 1,840
    Height (mm) 1,516
    Wheelbase (mm) 2,605
    Front/rear track (mm) 1,626/1,626
    Front/rear overhang (mm) 747/719
    Unladen weight (kg) 1,400
    Tyres 185/55 R21
    Boot volume (dm3 VDA)… Between 150 and 500…
    …with 4/3/2 occupants …150/325/500
    Aerodynamic performance (CdA) 0.25
    Top speed (kph) 140
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    o_O ok... It looks more like a Citreon than a Renault imo.

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