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Thread: Are cars getting uglier?

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    Re: hmmm

    Originally posted by Misho
    Its easy, it's simple!! While some cars are getting uglier (BMW 7-series), others are getting better looking (Mercedes SL). It has always been like that and will continue to be like that even after we all start driving flying cars !!
    i do not want cars to fly - cars means wheels and tarmac - not in the ****in air- no way - never

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    Originally posted by ozexige
    Styling is becoming retro - because the people with the money (at the moment baby-boomers) determine the shape of products - and not only cars. The only manufacturers missing the point is the Japanese, take the Celica for example (I know I'm repeating myself here). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the ones beholdin' the money make designers jump in their direction.
    I disagree that only the Japanese are not going retro, look at Cadillac, very cutting edge designs. I have not decided if I like them or not, but they are doing anything but retro, I personally think they are leading the way in modren consumer car designs. Saturn is not very retro like, Lotus is not, Saab is not. I like some of the retro cars out there, even though I don't think I would own any (with the exception of the 05 stang and the SuperCuda), it adds flavor to the road.

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    Why Bother With Retro anyway? It's just repeating whats already been said in the design world and just shows the lack of imagination that some designers have, even if they are harking back to bygone eras, their still in the past stylisticly and in practicality stakes. Cars like the Celica, which i love, BTW, are a move foward. In the great period of design that was the 60's/70's, find me one retro styled car that was actually not designed earlier (So no Beetles or 2CV's) ok, find me two if your feeling lucky! But my point is, the designers then weren't bothering to hark back because they had their own fresh and new ideas. Maybe Flying Cars are the future, but if that is so, Robert Moller has been right this whole time!!!!!
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