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Thread: Brake Traction Control System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
    The downside as you mentioned is an increase in brake disc and pad wear. But they just may consider those consumables and the trade off acceptable. Also, I wonder what they expect the average customer will do with the car. If one hard lap can destroy a set of discs and pads, then they must not expect much track use. Seems like a curious conclusions when selling a supercar, but maybe that is true.
    If a 210bhp hot hatch can cook its brakes on the open road I'd be much more worried with a 600bhp sportscar. It's not about consumables, but about arriving at a corner doing 100mph to find you have no brakes.
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    ^^^ or even worse with this setup.
    Let's just imagine we've gone through 3 sharp right handers and short left sweepers.
    So the right rear disk is well worked and the other three are less.
    NOW in a straight line to the next corner you need to cut a LOT of speed. Now you'e got 3 wheels braking more than the one and in a straight line .... the cars gonna move and that's bad !

    THere are plenty of LSDs around that coudl take 600bhp.
    Personally I think they are going for their "target market" who are going to pose with the car and not seriously, regularly push it hard

    Quaife do repalcement diffs for cars like the 997 and the Viper as well as race diffs and they can be as cheap as $1,000
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