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Thread: 2010 Canadian Formula 1200 Tenative Schedule/ Entry List

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    2010 Canadian Formula 1200 Tenative Schedule/ Entry List

    The National Canadian Formula 1200 Championship has a 2010 Schedule and Driver Entry List (Subject to Change)

    Schedule- Dates haven't been released
    Race#1- Grand Prix of Ontario(Mosport International Raceway)
    Race#2- Grand Prix of Shannonville( Shannonville Motorsport Park)
    Race#3- Grand Prix of Calabogie (Calabogie Motorsport Park)
    Race#4- TBA
    Race#5- TBA
    Race#6- TBA
    The Formula 1200 Drivers Association is currently deciding over three race tracks,
    1. Watkins Glen, New York
    2. Trois Riveres, Quebec
    3. Mont Treblant, Quebec

    Formula 1200 Driver Entry List
    1. #35 Michael Iamundi (WIM Motorsport)
    2. #16 TBA
    3. #80 Eric Barrett
    4. #5 TBA
    5. #73 Phil Wang (WIM Motorsport)
    6. #76 TBA
    7. #36 TBA
    8. #58 Bill Mitchell
    9. #157 Andre Bonaldo
    10.# 44 TBA
    11. #33 TBA
    12. #2 Michael Rogers
    13. #29 Eugene Cartini (Vallis Motorsport)
    14. #18 TBA
    15. #19 Kyle Kosir (Vallis Motorsport)
    16. #88 TBA
    17. #13 TBA
    18. #8 Sam Mandia
    19. #56 Dave Aird
    20. #55 TBA
    21. #37 Shane Viccary
    22. #11 Sam Ashtiani
    24. #86 TBA (Greg Rice Motorsport)
    Teams that have entered for 2010 are
    1. Vallis Motorsport
    2. TLM Racing(Subject to change)
    3. WIM Motorsport
    4. Greg Rice Motorsport

    New Tires for next season as well.
    The Canadian Formula 1200 Championship will have a new tire choice for next season. Since are Spec Khumo tires are not being made anymore, we are in the process on selecting a new tire. So for driver to comply with the rules. Drivers who want to be included in top 10 for points/ fight for the championship must run the new tires. Right now are new tire choice is the Falken Aznes. Its a much harder compound then the Khumo's, but a much deeper tread which will be better for wet races. Some of the drivers have discussed getting 2 sets as one for dry and one for the wet. Cost is the major concern since were trying to keep the series as low budget as possible.
    Here is a pic of the new Falken Tire
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