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Thread: 2010 "Lotus" F1 Rear Suspension

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    The rear movement suspension movement of F1 car is not insignificant, the front is pretty much static, but the rear do have quite a bit(by F1 standard) of travel, if anything this is quite evident on the onboard shot. Which also explains that installation of inerter/3rd damper is primarily on the rear. While true that without seeing the actual location of suspension inboard pickup that its impossible to say what the kinematic may be, its not unusual I think to have a slight wheelbase change in travel especially if they use any anti-squat in the rear, which would mean slight inclination in the fore to aft pickup point of rear a-arm(or a-arms). A lot of the time too they might just do that so it can create a more desirable packaging for diffuser/rear wing/bodywork...etc, since 99% of the F1 design now is pretty much aero-driven with compromise to kinematics...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suka View Post
    Plus of course the current development is happening in sunny Norfolk although it will be moved to a purpose built facility at the Malaysian circuit at a later date.
    All the development will be Malaysia. Nothing will come from Norfolk which is a real shame. There is nothing Lotus about this team and it is pretty sad to see the Lotus banner being used for a pretty much all Malaysian outfit with no racing pedigree. Should be Proton F1, but you can't fool anyone into buying those crappy cars.

    Only thing I like about this team so far is Mike Gascoigne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScrutineer View Post
    Only thing I like about this team so far is Mike Gascoigne.
    Which is from Lotus
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post

    was it this?

    lol at painted suspensions.
    Yes, this one, but different picture. Thanks

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    That looks more like a 2006-2007 Renault.
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    At least it doesn't comply with the next year's rules, as well as with this year's

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