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Thread: 2009 in pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
    whenever we saw it always fired up at once...
    We don't usually start cars up to move them around the shop/ parking lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
    #1 From a Corvette to a Mini made no difference for Gavin
    #2 A110
    #3 This is why it is called a Dion axle
    #4 Alfa 2000 GTV
    #5 Rohrl still teaching
    #6 Porsche 550
    That actually looks like a genuine GTAm..
    Has that roll bar mounted under the trailing arms.

    And again, I really appreciate your work with this thread Pieter.
    As I mentioned for you, hope to see this as an annual tradition in the years to come.

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    According to the program it is a 1750 GTAM, (no chassis number indicated, so I have no opportunity to fully check)
    And yes, I am planning to make a tradition of this.
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    Thank you very much for this thread.


    Happy Birthday, too
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